Dress Code


Clubhouse: Country Club Casual for all dining rooms. Gentlemen are not required to wear jackets or ties. Men must have a collared shirt and slacks, no shorts or denim. Jackets are not required. Women cannot wear shorts or denim and must have appropriate attire. Golfing attire is permitted at all times. 

Seasonal Dress Code: Modified to allow Members and guests to wear denim in the Locker Rooms, Terrace Bar and Dining Room September through March. Tasteful and properly fitted denim is permitted; frayed, mottled or "grunge" denim is not considered tasteful for these purposes. Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt. Denim is not permitted on the golf course.

Members and guests wishing to wear denim will be required to use only the Locker Rooms, Dining Room and Terrace Bar, as denim will not be permitted in other areas of the Club. The Men's Locker Room will be available for mixed dining in the evening. Reservations are requested.

*Caps/hats may not be worn by any male of any age in any area of the clubhouse, including the Men's Locker Room. No tee shirts of any kind are permitted at the club.

Boys and Girls: Boys and girls should conform to the club's Dress Code


Men's Proper Attire: Shirts with collars or mock turtlenecks and sleeves - shirts must be tucked in at all times, slacks, mid-length shorts, Bermuda walking shorts (2-4" above the knee). Not Permitted: tank tops, tee shirts, jeans, denim pants or shorts, cut-offs, sweat pants or other athletic/warm-up suits, bathing suits, tennis shorts, spandex (biking) shorts or shirts, or other athletic shorts.

Women's Proper Attire: Golf dresses, skirts, culottes, skorts, slacks and mid-length shorts, Bermuda walking shorts (2-4" above the knee), shirts and blouses are considered appropriate attire. Not Permitted: halter tops, tee shirts, tube tops, bathing suits, sweat pants or other athletic/warm-up suits, denim skirts or slacks, denim shorts, jeans, tennis dresses/shorts, spandex (biking) shorts or tops, cut-offs, or other athletic shorts.

Shoes: Proper golf shoes are required at all times.

Hats: Golf cap bills must be worn forward. Gentlemen should remove hats in all indoor areas and on the terrace.