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Moraine: A Sanctuary for Members and Wildlife

Just as Moraine strives to be a sanctuary for its members to escape for a round of golf or slip away to socialize with old friends, the club also strives to be a retreat for the wildlife that shares its land.

This is why Moraine took action in 2011 to become a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary to protect the environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf. By following the guidelines within Audubon International's Standard Environmental Management Practices, Moraine is enhancing the beautiful nature areas and wildlife habitats that golf courses provide.

Moraine is proud to be the 11th club in Ohio to earn this distinction and the 831st in the world to achieve this certification. The great care Moraine demonstrates to the environment extends beyond the staff's careful management of its resources and grounds, though. Members of the club formed a Bluebird Committee, installing 44 Bluebird boxes.

Volunteers monitor these boxes weekly to track the species of bird using each box, the type of nest, the number of eggs laid, and when the chicks fledge. Thanks to the efforts of the Bluebird Committee and Moraine's pledge to environmental stewardship, more than 600 birds have fledged from these boxes since 2011.