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The Moraine Caddy Program

Caddies: A Cherished Legacy at Moraine Country Club

From the moment the first ball sailed down the fairway in 1930, the tradition of caddies at Moraine Country Club has been interwoven with the essence of golf itself. Moraine recognizes the immense value of instilling life lessons through the game, making it one of the few country clubs that have continued to uphold and nourish the tradition of caddies.

Just as the caddies play an essential role in the golfer's enjoyment of the course, the time spent together during each round is highly beneficial for the caddies as well. By accompanying these gentlemen and ladies on the course, the caddies are surrounded by positive role models as they develop their communication skills and work ethic.

The caddy tradition at Moraine runs deep and is ingrained within the staff. Brent Sipe, Head Golf Pro, started his journey at Moraine as a teenage caddy in 1979. His dedication and passion for the caddy program led him to assume a leadership role, which he has held for over 25 years. The program holds a special place in his heart. Under his guidance, it has blossomed into an elite initiative, providing young men and women with opportunities to earn tuition money for college.

The WGA Evans Scholarship

Overseen by the Western Golf Association (WGA), the Evans Scholars Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting these exceptional young men and women. Offering full four-year college tuition and housing scholarships, the foundation seeks students with remarkable caddie records, excellent grades, outstanding character, and financial need. Moraine Country Club's dedication to this cause has resulted in 99 Moraine Evans Scholars. 

Moraine Country Club proudly stands as Ohio's foremost contributor to the Evans Scholars program, sending more caddies to college on this scholarship than any other club in the state. Thanks to the unwavering generosity of Moraine's members, the club remains the state's leading fundraising club for the Western Golf Association.

The Vision of Charles "Chick" Evans

The visionary spirit of Chick Evans, Jr., a legendary amateur golfer, laid the foundation for the Evans Scholars Foundation. At just eight years old, Evans embarked on his journey as a caddy, unaware that this modest beginning would eventually lead to a profound philanthropic mission. His personal struggle to complete his studies at Northwestern University due to financial hardships kindled a deep-seated dream within him—to offer college scholarships to caddies who demonstrated academic potential despite facing financial limitations.

In 1929, the Western Golf Association (WGA) took charge of administering Evans' visionary effort, establishing the Evans Scholars Foundation. The first group of scholars was sent to Northwestern University, marking the commencement of a life-changing program that continues to thrive to this day.

Over the years, the Evans Scholars Foundation has evolved into one of the nation's largest privately funded scholarship programs. With over $350 million awarded in full tuition and housing grants, it has expanded its reach to include 24 prestigious universities. The impact of the foundation extends far beyond financial support; it fosters a strong community of 11,800 alumni who give back to the program, perpetuating the cycle of giving and transformation.

Currently, an inspiring cohort of 1,100 Evans Scholars is enrolled in colleges for the 2022-2023 academic year, embarking on a journey of educational excellence and personal growth.

At Moraine, the spirit of Chick Evans' words, "Caddies are the lifeblood of the game," resonates deeply. Members wholeheartedly embrace this sentiment, recognizing the vital role caddies play in the fabric of golf and the invaluable experiences they bring to the course. As a result, the club has found a meaningful way to invest in the future of these young men and women who form the backbone of their beloved golfing community.

In the spirit of Chick Evans' vision, Moraine Country Club's dedication to investing in the potential of caddies exemplifies the true essence of golf's tradition, camaraderie, and the transformative power of education. As the club continues to nurture and cherish this treasured legacy, it remains a beacon of inspiration for all those who believe in the power of opportunity and the pursuit of dreams.

The Moraine Caddy Scholarship Fund

The Moraine Caddy Scholarship Fund was established as a means of showing appreciation to the diligent caddies at the club. It was initiated to complement the efforts of the Evans Scholars Foundation. Since its establishment, this fund has awarded substantial merit-based partial scholarships to Moraine Country Club caddies attending various educational institutions.